Modules & Features

Unit System

The software is designed for both English and Metric units. For Metric the user can select either Watt or kCal/hr as heat rate unit.

Layer Generator

User can analyze up to 10 layers of refractories.

Refractory Selection:

Refractory selection from drop down menu and thickness entry for each layer.

Cold side Emissivity

Cold side emissivity is factored in the calculation.

Convection on cold side

Natural/Forced convection on cold side with the option to enter air velocity.

Process gas on hot side

The software takes into account the refractory porosity and the process filling the pores. The gas selection options are Air, Hydrogen (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), Nitrogen & Argon.

Division of Layers into sublayers

Each Refractory Layer is divided into several sublayers 0.001 in/0.025 mm thick for accuracy.

Conductivity function of temperature

Conductivity change with temperature is factored in the calculation.

Porosity Consideration

The software adjusts conductivity based on porosity with gas entrapped in the pores.

Radiation between 2 adjecent Surfaces

The software allows to model 2 adjectent surfaces with gaps filled with air or vacuum.

Straight and Curved Surfaces

The user can run heat loss calculations for both straight and curved walls.

Surface Orientation

The user can select surface orientation - Vertical Wall, Horizontal Top, Horizontal Bottom.

Transient Analysis

Calculates refractory temperature change with time. A finite difference algorithm is used for this analysis.

Refractory Data

The software comes with a database of 36 refractories from 8 different product class.

Refractory Data Extension

Database of more than 100 refractories compiled from reputed refractory manufacturer are available as an add-on.

Refractory Data Creation

Provides the user with a tool to create new refractory data. Also we provide the service of creating database for our customers.


Results include junction temperatures, temperature profile in the refractory layers, Heat Loss & Heat Storage per unit area. For Transient Analysis the output includes junction temperature with time, heat flux with time and heat storage with time.


Results from each calculation can be displayed in a report format and can be directly printed or converted to PDF format.

Excel Spread Sheet

The results can be exported to an excel spread sheet.

Refractory Database

Files containing the refractory data can be store on the local machine or can be accessed from a google drive allowing one unique repository of data.

Operating System

The new software is developed with dot net technology and runs seamless on Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11

Smart Phone App

An Android SmartPhone App is available with the software. Please visit Google Play Store for a detailed description.

Customers Logo

Customer’s logo is fitted with the software if requested by the customers.

Result Verifications

Heat Flow Data is calculated using Practice ASTM C680/C1045.

FurnXpert Heat Loss Cloud Application

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Customization services for Heat Loss Cloud Application

We develop customized HeatLoss web application for companies requiring dedicated server and domain name with multiple users. All managed by FurnXpert. Please check Uniref Cloud Application and Resco Cloud Application. Please contact us for a quotation.