Software to Size, Simulate, and Setup Furnaces
The simulation entails determination of optimum settings e.g., Temperature, Process Gas Flow, Speed, Time @ Temperature, and Heating Cycles. In addition, the software is used for heat losses in each heating stages, stage/zone wise thermal loading, and fuel/air demand in case of a combustion system.
For Furnace designers, it's a useful tool to size and design new furnaces. For furnace operators, it provides the ability to know what goes on inside an industrial furnace and how it affects the products during heat treating process.
FurnXpert will save thousands of dollars to the furnace operators in the form of Production Increase, Energy Savings, and Scrap Reduction.
Imagine no more trial runs for heat treating new parts!! Use FurnXpert to Size Furnaces, Setup Furnaces and Simulate Thermal Process inside furnaces.
Tool to Analyze and Design New Furnaces
FurnXpert can be used for initial furnace sizing as well as detailed thermal modeling of Industrial Furnaces. The information needed to begin a new thermal analysis of a furnace could be as little as time temperature profile and some basic information of the parts to be processed. The software then calculates part temperature during heating and cooling cycles. It also performs Heat Loss Calculations to determine power input, energy consumption and operating cost for a typical run. With this information maximum production rate and optimum operating parameters can be determined.
Benefits of Using FurnXpert Software