How does it work?

FurnXpert Temperature Profiler is a thermal software. To run the software all you need to specify are the part dimensions, part shape, part material, part’s orientation inside the furnace, part speed in case of continuous furnace. In addition, you need to specify furnace atmosphere and temperatures. Furnace temperatures could be time/distance vs. temperatures. profile or just set points.
With the above information the software calculates temperatures at desired part locations during the entire heating/cooling cycle.

Complete Description and Features:

The program computes transient heating or cooling temperatures of any part configuration in a vacuum chamber or in a chamber equipped with or without fan circulation.
The part can be slabs, rectangular bars, cylinders, tubes, spheres, coiled strips, straight strips, or small parts in trays or baskets. The heat transfer mode includes convection, radiation, heat flux and conduction.
Recirculated gas can be air, argon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, endo-exothermic, flue gas, helium, hydrogen, methane, nitrogen, nitrogen hydrogen mixture or steam. Gas properties include density, specific heat, thermal conductivity, viscosity, and Reynolds and Nusselt numbers.
The convection and radiation heat-transfer coefficients are computed dynamically. Convective Heat Transfer can be Natural, Forced or Jet. Cooling can also be done in a liquid - quenching in water, oil, brine or synthetic - with agitation to enhance heat transfer.
Density, specific heat and thermal conductivity of 20 metals from aluminum to zirconium and five nonmetals are included in the program data base. The user can also enter the property data of new materials.
Nodal temperatures inside the material, during the heating/cooling cyclce, are computed at chosen interval of time and distance. A colored temperature dithers are also provided. Profiles of selected nodal temperatures are plotted against time and/or distance. Time at Tempearture or Time to attain target temperature are also indicated on the plot.

An useful tool at an affordable price