Furnace Study

We provide study of your existing furnaces. Our engineers with more than 50 years of experince will check the furnace design, furnace equipment, furnace opeartions, furnace controls and will recommend you how to enhance energy efficiency, improve product quality, reduce maintenance and downtime, and provide accurate and better control.

Reheat furnace Study and Audits is our forte. The sudy is done with an objective to Improve Furnace Controllability, Increase Production Rate, Improve Product Quality and Increase Fuel Consumption. The specific areas we concentrate are refractory conditions, Burner firing and controls, Optimum Heating Parameters and Furnace Design. Our study includes on site furnace inspection during operation and complete report on our finding with receommendations. We also specialize in operational data annalysis to look into the historical process data, identify patterns and relationships among discrete process steps and inputs, and then optimize the factors that prove to have the greatest effect on yield.

Software Customization

We also offer customization services. Customization could be either adding Graphical User Interfaces to an existing software or develop new applications based on customer's specification. We can also embed third party software on our software to enhance features and add functionality. We also have the expertise to develop model based Level II control systems. Please contact us for details.

Basic Analysis

You provide us with all the pertinent information about the furnace to be analyzed and a brief description of the desired solutions. We will provide you with the results in a report format with with the plots and charts.

Detailed Analysis

You provide us with the basic information. We will look into the problem and gather all the information to run the analysis. If the information is not available with you we will do the research to obtain it..

We will Deliver:


We provide training pertaining to Industrial Furnaces, Heat Transfer/Combustion Fundamentals and FurnXpert software. The training include

The Training Includes: