Modules & Features

Unit System:

The software is designed for both English and Metric units. For Metric the user can select either Watt or kCal/hr as heat rate unit.

Process Inputs:

The process data or information that are required to the program are as follows

Shell/Refractory Inputs:

The shell or refractory information required are


The results from the program are as follows

Material Data:

Material data, primarily density and specific heat, can be entered in the property database by the user.

Psychometric Calculations:

The software comes with psychometric calculation engines to calculate psychometric variables.

Shell Installation Geometry Module:

To install the Rotary Dryer Shell or to adjust the shell alignment a geometry module is also available.

Steam Heating:

Software is also available for steam heating.


Results from each calculation can be displayed in report format. The results can be directly printed, saved as a PDF format or exported to an Excel spread Sheet.

Case & Tutorial:

2 free cases and on-line free training for 1 hour comes withe software.

Operating System:

The new software is developed with dot net technology and runs seamless on XP, VISTA, Windows 7 , Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10

Customers Logo:

Customer’s logo is fitted with the software if requested by the customers.