FurnXpert Rotary Dryer software helps engineers design and size Industrial Rotary Dryer for processing granular material (feed) in Rotary Dryers. Usually feed contains certain amount of moisture. The idea is to reduce moisture during the drying process.. The heating is usually done by air or steam.

M O D U L E S   A N D   F E A T U R E S

Unit System: The software is designed for both English and Metric units. For Metric the user can select either Watt or kCal/hr as heat rate unit.

Process Inputs

  • Feed Input Rate
  • Feed Initial Temperature
  • Feed Initial Water Content
  • Feed Final Water Content
  • Inlet Air Temperature
  • Ambient Air Temp, Relative Humidity, and Pressure
  • Feed Material

Shell/Refractory Inputs:

  • Inside Shell Thickness
  • Outside Shell Thickness
  • Refractory Thickness


  • Drum Diameter & Drum Length
  • Final Temperature of the Feed Material
  • Heat to the Feed Product, Heat Loss through the Refractory and shell
  • Total Heat Required
  • Total Air Required in case of hot air
  • Steam rate for steam
  • Heat Transfer Coefficient.


  • The Results include Temperature profile of the product during heating in the drum
  • Air Temperature Drop in case of hot air
  • Condensate Temperature in case of Steam
  • Heat and Mass Balance Results along with pictorial view of the process

Shell Installation Geometry Module: To install the Rotary Dryer Shell or to adjust the shell alignment a geometry module is available.

Price of the software: *SINGLE USER Annual / Perpetual license

FurnXpert Rotary Dryer Software USD 449 USD 499
FurnXpert Rotary Alignment Geometry Software USD 249 USD 299

Technical Support:The technical support package entitles the user to help-desk support via telephone or e-mail for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. During this period the user will also be provided with free software upgrades, as they become available. The technical support package can be renewed at 20% price of the software after the end of every year.

Multi User Discounts: Multi User License Discounts are available. Discounts: 5 � 10 license � 10% discount, more than 10 licenses � 15% discount