Modules & Features

Unit System:

The software is designed for both English and Metric units. For Metric the user can select either Watt or kCal/hr as heat rate unit.

Part Configurator:

User provides the shape, material and dimensions of the parts to be heated.

Placement Configuration:

User provides the placement and orientation of the part inside the furnace. For example, you have to tell if the part is heated from all sides or if it is placed on the hearth. In addition, you have to tell if the part is vertically or horizontally placed on the floor.

Boundary Condition:

Results from each calculation can be displayed in report format. The results can be directly printed, saved as a PDF format or exported to an Excel spread Sheet.

Operating System:

The new software is developed with dot net technology and runs seamless on XP, VISTA, Windows 7 , Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10

Customers Logo:

Customer’s logo is fitted with the software if requested by the customers.