Predicting Part Temperatures in high Temperature pusher Furnace

Manufacturer of a special type of fuel injection filter was having problems in sintering their Silicon Carbide parts inside high temperature continuous pusher furnace. Due to high operating temperature, trailing thermocouples could be not be used to know the part temperatures during heating cycle. The objective of the test was to understand the thermal characteristic of the furnace and predict the part temperature during heating

Furnace Simulation and Furnace Sizing Calculation with Furnxpert

An analysis with furnxpert software is compared with the conventional hand calculations. Although FurnXpert software can be used to analyze any type of batch or continuous furnaces, for the purpose of this case study, we have selected a continuous belt furnace used in powder metal sintering application. The furnace configuration is shown below.

Predicting Part Temperatures in Rectangular Batch Furnace

A renowned auto part manufacturer wanted to run thermal simulations to predict heating of steel plates of dimension (L: 42 in, W: 9 in, T: 0.067 in) in a rectangular batch furnace. The objective of the study was to compare the simulation runs with the actual data and then to find how the temperature profile inside the stack of plates changed at different gas flow rate inside the furnace.

Comparison Of Recuperative And Regenerative Burners In Cont Reheat Furnace

A renowned Industrial Furnace Company in US wanted to compare the effects of installing a Recuperative Burners Vs a Regenerative Burners in a Continuous Reheat Furnace. The objective was to reduce fuel consumption and increase furnace efficiency inside a Continuous Reheat Furnace.

Determination Of Burner Capacity For Walking Hearth Furnace

An Industrial Burner Manufacturer in Turkey wanted to determine the burner capacity in each control zones inside a walking hearth furnace.

Setpoint Management Tool For Reheat Furnace Control - HeatXpert

A bar mill in Canada wanted to reduce fuel consumption and improve the quality of the heat treated steel bars in their reheat furnace. Instead of going for an expensive Level II Supervisory control system they opted for a low cost solution.

Simulation of Tube Furnace to Simulate Various Stainless Steel Tubes

In order to reduce test runs in 3 of their tube annealing furnaces, a renowned Spanish tube manufacturing company wanted to use FurnXpert software.