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Furnace Analysis / Furnace Simulation / Furnace Design
FurnXpert is a furnace software that simplifies the job of furnace sizing, furnace setup and thermal simulation inside industrial furnaces. The software has been developed specifically for furnace designers, furnace manufacturers, metallurgists, and process engineers to simulate heat treatment process with a virtual furnace.

The simulation entails determination of optimum settings e.g., Temperature, Process Gas Flow, Speed, Time @ Temperature, and Heating Cycles. In addition, the software is used for heat losses in each heating stages, stage/zone wise thermal loading, and fuel/air demand in case of a combustion system.

For Furnace designers, it's a useful tool to size new furnaces. For furnace operators, it provides the ability to know what goes on inside an industrial furnace and how it affects the products during heat treating process.

FurnXpert will save thousands of dollars to the furnace operators in the form of Production Increase, Energy Savings, and Scrap Reduction.

Imagine………no more trial runs for heat treating new parts!! Use FurnXpert to Size Furnaces, Setup Furnaces and Simulate Thermal Process inside furnaces.

Reheat Furnace Study, Analysis, and Level 2 Supervisory Software

Reheating furnaces are used in steel mills for heating steel pieces (Billets, blooms, slabs or ingots) to temperatures of around 2200 F or 1200 C, making them suitable for Hot Rolling. There are different types of continuous reheat furnaces. The most common types are Pusher, Walking Beam, Walking Hearth, Rotary Hearth and Roller Hearth. We have more that 50 years of experience in Continuous Reheat Furnaces. Over the years we have developed simulation software to size, analyze and design furnaces, Set point management software to determine optimal setpoints, and on-line Level 2 software for complete automation. We also do Reheat Furnace Study and Data Analysis for energy efficiency, performance increase, and quality enhancement. More


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